Collection: Ankor

Ankor is a craft studio run by husband and wife Jethro Lynch & Tegen Montgomerie. Designed and handmade in the far west of Cornwall, Ankor looks to create items of beauty and enduring worth that customers will delight in surrounding themselves with.

Situated in the district of Penwith, it is somewhat inevitable that the spirit of the sea and coastal landscape is captured throughout the studio’s work. From the range of functional stoneware pottery through to delicate handmade silver jewellery, all work at Ankor expresses a deep connection between maker, place and object.

Like brush-strokes on canvas, hand-glazed splashes of colour on pottery, delicate hammer marks on a piece of jewellery - there’s a story held in each item; an energy or touch that remains in the piece. There is life within these creations that cannot be achieved by machine, a sort of joy relayed from the maker to the customer.