Collection: Mere Glass

Hannah Hardill-Jones was inspired and trained by her aunt Åshild Karevoll who is a well respected and successful Glass Artist near Trondheim in Norway. After spending many summers working in her studio helping to create beautiful pieces Hannah was completely hooked. She found she loved making jewellery… "to make something that people wear every day or for special occasions just seems an incredible privilege to create and I can’t wait to find out how my jewellery will evolve and change over the coming years."

The jewellery starts life as sheets of art glass. The base glass is called dichroic glass. It has a colourful metallic coating that transmits one wavelength of light and reflects another. If you don’t know what that means, you’re not alone, but you’ll realise when you get your first piece that the intensity and changeability and “glow” of the glass are really unusual and special and that is down to these dichroic light effects.

Hannah fires the top layer of glass first on its own so that she can decorate it with painted designs and thin glass sheets called confetti. The dichroic base glass is then decorated with ground glass and more confetti to give colour and texture. It is this lengthy layering process and attention to detail and design that make every piece genuinely unique. 

The glass art is created by using enamels and crushed coloured glass mixed with a variety of mediums to create smooth colour blends or textured abstract shapes. I also love to include figures appreciating and enjoying the colours change around them. I enjoy how the curved frame is the glass itself and how the light catches on the fired pieces when seen from different angles.

Hannah's glass art are combined creations with her husband Aidie, as was bound to happen when two artists share a love of nature, colour and the same studio.

The glass is quite tactile, some areas are smooth to the touch, others textured. There is also a loss of control with each piece once it enters the kiln. Even the pieces that don't work initially can be revisited, and much like a traditional canvas, be redesigned and refired with elements of the original design incorporated into the new work.

The jewellery is packaged in a Mere Glass gift box.