Collection: Thalia Tomlinson

Thalia Tomlinson is a Stokesley based jewellery maker who is inspired by natural materials and found objects.

Her work incorporates glass, semi-precious stones, pearls, wood, shells, ceramic and vintage beads, buttons and buckles to create single pieces or sets of unique character.

Thalia uses beads from around the world as well as her own hand made felt pieces to express variety of colour, shape and texture.

Inspiration can come from hours of experimentation with bead combinations or from simply going for a walk, as the natural materials she uses are very much expressions of nature, as well as mood.

Thalia's work evolves during the year in response to natural colours in the changing seasons.'

Jewellery is packaged in tissue and an Ebbing Tide gift box, if you would also like a gift bag please contact us directly.